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State-of-the-Art Three60 North Fitness Center

The large room gray carpeted state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center is highlighted as a major community amenity of Three60 North. The center boasts of a number of top of the line fitness equipment that could accommodate about 10 fitness practitioners at one time.

With just a walking distance away from your apartment, the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center can boast of having an impressive feature of the Three60 North Apartments community. 

The superbly designed room has a door entrance similar to a movie house but with transparent 15-foot squared glass panes. The ceiling and walls are light gray colored while the floor carpet is dark gray to signal an ambience of seriousness of purpose while inside the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center.

The walls on one side are broken by three large windows with blinds to add natural lighting at daytime. There is sufficient lighting at night or day. You will find the spacious area and gym equipment of the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center just right and excellent for their personal fitness and health goals. 

You can make your regular workouts at the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center. It’s provided with cardio equipment aside from the most advanced muscle-building equipment and accessories. 

We have upgraded the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center equipment and included the latest additional such as: Motorized Treadmills, Horse Riding Exercise machine, Incline benches and Prone Leg Curl Gym Equipment, heavy duty Pull-up Bars, Flexion Machines, Gym Bikes, Smith machine Fitness Top, and Shoulder Press Gym Exercise.

Inside the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center, you’ll find cardio accessories, locker rooms and tool sheds to complement the use of fitness equipment. A staff is always ready to assist any resident in the use of the equipment especially if done for the first time. All these are intended to optimize your performance as you undertake your fitness regimen. 

The apartment community reveal well-designed layouts that present the best in apartment living. The one bed room, one bath apartments serve as a housing unit with standard life-enhancing amenities such as a living and dining area, a kitchen, bedrooms, a patio and a storage area. 

From the state-of-the-art Three60 North fitness center, you can move on to the other community amenities like the resort style pool and spa, the brand new clubhouse and resident lounge, the tennis and sports courts or the business center. There are a lot of activities you can do in one day at the community to keep yourself busy.

You can also explore the neighborhood after your workout. You’re close to nice landmarks like Mixed Up Burgers, a casual hot spot for gourmet hamburgers, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, an American chain eatery and general store just across the highway in front of the entrance gate of Three60 North Apartments. There’s also an Avis Car Rental nearby and a Subway sandwich chain. Visit us at